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Wrap on Week 2 at Nu Boyana!

Laura Beth May 10
A simple, dramatic, dining scene shot at the Nu Boyana Film School in Sofia, Bulgaria.

A simple, dramatic, dining scene shot at the Nu Boyana Film School in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Week 2!

Wow.  We are now half way through a small, character-driven, feature-length drama… shot entirely by film students, under our supervision.  It’s a truly unique opportunity for these students to endure an entire feature film, from the frontlines, often in key roles (including director, dp, camera operator, focus puller, art director, etc.).  It’s a huge task, and it’s every bit as crazy as it sounds…  but it’s also pretty cool.

Lots of First Times

For most of these students, this is their first time on a professional set!  It’s their first time working with the Arri Alexa, their first time working 12 hours a day, their first time seeing a movi or a techno crane; (or at least their first time trying to actually use one) it’s their first time working with actors, reading a callsheet…  it’s all brand new, and it’s happening. 🙂

I’m very excited to see how this education experiment comes together in the end, I know that it will have been a fantastic opportunity for students to see if this is the life they want to lead.

Sink or Swim

It’s kind of like throwing your baby in the pool to teach them how to swim.  Is it a myth?  or just a sort of extreme training?

Some have a clear instinct for this work, and they seem to be right at home.  Others are discovering it’s nothing like what they expected, and the hate the job they thought they wanted.

All of our babies are in the deep end of the pool, it’s sink or swim…  but as long as they reach out, we’ve got ’em.  🙂

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