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Inspiration: “The Sheltering Sky”

Laura Beth Jan 24

Christ, this movie is beautiful.  Vittorio Storaro paints every moment of this film.  Long. And Slow. And Beautiful.  This seems to have been a theme amongst my “favorite” films through my formative years. This movie has so many bold photographic choices…  I think about it during every movie I shoot. It doesn’t matter if it’s a comedy, or thriller…  grungy indie or polished television.  The Sheltering Sky reminds me to make bold choices, take chances, but always make sure they are beautiful.

I’m creating this section as a place for me to put down my memories, and  create a sort of digital library of images that I reference daily in my head.  I suppose, this way I can make sure the image in my head is real. ha.    Anyway, be patient!  I’m working on the new site between projects. 🙂 . For now, enjoy the trailer!

Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

Cinematography Vittorio Storaro



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