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That’s a Wrap on another Mattel commercial!

Laura Beth Jun 08

Mattel Commercial, Red Epic, Laura Beth Love, DP Mike Verta Director

Thank you guys!

This shoot was fantastic!  The day was a mad dash, but the footage is great and we are so pleased.  Thank you all for your hardwork!  A special thanks to our producer Alexandra Spector!

We had a BLAST!

I can’t give any details on the commercial really, but I can say that we shot Red Epic Dragon with Ultra Primes, they were gorgeous, the package was gorgeous, the set was great (designed by our director Mike Verta) and our crew was fabulous.

This is our 4th Mattel spot in the past year.  I think Street Hawk was my favorite before this one.

A huge shout-out to all of my g&e and camera guys!  Fantastic job!

I’ll get frame grabs and video up once it’s cleared…  but this one was cool.  🙂

LB Love DP and crew, commercial, Mike Verta Director Chris Daniel 1st AC, Mattel Commercial, Laura Beth Love, DP Mattel Commercial, Kino Flo, Laura Beth Love, DP Mike Verta DirectorDP LB Love, Dir. Mike Verta, Mattel Commercial

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    brava from Nice


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