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Painting a Painting about Painting…with Light…

Laura Beth Mar 31

I am right in the middle of shooting the independent feature “Tableau Vivant” , a wonderful mix of horror, suspense and art theory 🙂  We have had so many varied looks and visual challenges that I’m eager to blog about, but for now I’d like to post one frame grab from a night exterior last weekend.

We didn’t have any night exteriors planned for this remote cabin location.  This scene was supposed to take place during the day.  But our schedule ran long and there wasn’t enough daylight left.  Two hours later, with nearly every light on our little truck in play, this was the result.  Director Kyle Broom and I are very pleased with the scheduling “issue” that became a very happy accident.

We are shooting with the Red Epic and primarily using Optimo DP zooms.  (yes, I had to shoot at a 2.8!!!)

More to come!

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