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Shooting with the Leica Noctilux on “Tableau Vivant”

Laura Beth Apr 12

This week on “Tableau Vivant” we were shooting a long walk-and-talk sequence in downtown LA.  With T1.4 lenses and the Red Epic’s sensor, I knew we would have no problem getting exposure in downtown LA.  However, when working with RAW images, we will often overexpose our shadows a bit with the plan to darken them in post.  This helps reduce noise, and  Kyle was very concerned about noise in the shadows for this night exterior.

The Leica Noctilux 50 mm F/.95 lens was a fantastic solution for us.  It gave me the flexibility to open a bit more when I wanted to, in order to get a little more information in the darkest parts of the image.  We planned to shoot loose two-shots and wides for our walk and talk.  By maintaining a reasonable focal distance, and some thoughtful blocking, we were able to keep our actors sharp, even while shooting at F.95 on 50mm.

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