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Projected Reality on “Tableau Vivant”

Laura Beth Apr 20

I’ve just wrapped principal photography on Tableau Vivant, an intelligent, indie horror feature.

We created several very stylized, and self-aware, looks in the movie.
For one scene in particular, the characters are making the long drive to
a remote cabin and the entire drive takes place against the very
surreal backdrop (literally) of a video projection.

We returned to Atomic Studios, where we had shot greenscreen elements earlier in the production schedule.  Using the Red Epic,
we shot two separate projected-background scenes: one reflected by the
cyc wall and the other was reflected by a 12×12 ultra bounce.

Our resources dictated that we embrace a front projection, as opposed to a
proper rear projection rig.  We considered green screen, but, as the
objective was to reference the use of an obvious practical effect, we
had to jump at the opportunity to achieve it practically ourselves.  It
presented an interesting challenge, and ultimately yielded a very unique
look that works well for the sort of bizarre experience Kyle wished to
create for the scene.  This scene will be part of a sequence that draws
attention to the surreal nature of this car ride, a choice which
underscores important dramatic themes in this story.

A big thanks goes out to Sean McElwee, Randy Garcia, Irving Anguiano, and Ben Iker for this challenging day!



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