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Laura Beth Nov 04

Paddle Boat Cam!  Laura Beth Love, CinematographerBoat-in On Action!

When our action hit the lake, I jumped in a random paddleboat with my AC and started peddling!  Handheld, with the Red Scarlet and a 25mm Zeiss T1.3 superspeed.  Good times.

The Horde

Shooting “The Horde,”  a stunt-heavy,  horror action film, was a total blast.  I teamed up again with Director Jared Cohn, and I got to work with a fantastic group of actors: Paul Logan, Costas Mandylor, Bill Moseley, Vernon Wells, Nestor Serrano and Matthew Willig. and I’m definitely going to keep “Paddle Boat Cam” in my bag of tricks for the next time I shoot an action sequence and I need to get the camera gliding over the water 🙂

Any kind of boat will do, I’m sure 😉

Shooting with 2 Red Cameras on The Horde - LB Love

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