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Michele Bachmann Filming Sharknado 3

Laura Beth Mar 16

LB Love DP on Sharknado 3Here’s a link to an article from my recent trip to D.C.


It was an extraordinary experience to be shooting in Washington D.C. with some of my closest colleagues.

Michele Bachmann was a pleasure to work with!  She even recorded a birthday wish for my grandmother, haha. (Happy 90th, Mimi!)

We were a tiny run-and-gun unit in D.C., yet we still took time to drink in our surroundings.

Sharknado 3 DP Laura Beth LoveWe can’t help but acknowledge how fortunate we are to be in a business that not only skips the “desk, regular hours, and two weeks vacation limits,” but also sends us on adventures that include shooting all over our nation’s capital for a silly shark movie.

We get paid to make believe for a living.  My favorite colleagues will always be those who never forget that.

A big shout out to our D.C. crew!  Thanks for jumping on board and standing by us.  You guys were great!


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