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Evil Nanny

Laura Beth Feb 14

Nightmare Nanny

Cinematographer LB Love Lifetime Evil Nanny CinematographerTeaming up again with director Jared Cohn, I shot Evil Nanny (2016) (formerly, Nightmare Nanny) with a Panavised Alexa using Panavision Primo Ls.  It was a dark Lifetime drama, and we had fun playing up the thriller aspects of the script.  We went for high contrast lighting when possible, often in low light-levels and the cameras handled beautifully.


All for One


Jared’s mandate for the film was “oners”…  So we tried to cleverly choreograph our steadicam and actors whenever possible.  A few of them ended up chopped up in the movie, but several remained intact as smooth flowing momentum through each scene.  “Oners” are always a challenge, but they can be exceptionally challenging in low-budget, short-schedule, nearly 360 deg field-of-view situations.  But we fought for them, and I think they were worth it.  Kudos for Jared for pushing for the oners!

For “oners” and everything else, it call comes down to the team that makes it happen.  We had a terrific, hardworking g&e and camera team.  Thank you guys for your time and talents!  See you on the next one!


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