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Eve: Beauty and the Blade

Laura Beth Apr 20

Director Ron Santiano asked me to join him as DP for his action-adventure/fantasy series and feature: Eve: Beauty and the Blade

A frame from “Eve: Beauty and the Blade”

We shot with an extremely small crew.  I owe a huge thanks to Glenn Miller
for working as my right hand man for everything I needed on the show,
assisting me in camera, lighting and grip work.  We were using the
Panasonic HVX-200 with the P+S technik Mini 35 adapter, with Zeiss
Superspeed lenses.  We were working with Kino Flos, small HMIs, a
doorway dolly and a small remote head on a jib.

At the 2011 Underdogs Film Festival, “Eve: Beauty and the Blade” received 11 Nominations & was the WINNER of 4 Awards:
• Best Editing • Best Cinematography
• Best Director • Best Action Feature


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