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What is My Camera’s ISO?

Laura Beth Feb 25
Combination Spot/Incident Meter

Combination Spot/Incident Meter

Using a Handheld (spot or incident) Meter?

You Need to Know Your ISO!

If you are shooting film, the ISO is printed on the label on the can.

Most professional digital cameras now have an ISO setting in the menu or sometimes directly on the body.

If your digital camera doesn’t have ISO settings,
you can determine it’s ISO one of 2 ways:

  1. Google it and hope you find a reliable source , or…
  2. Put a grey card in front of your camera.
    Light it evenly.
    Expose it properly using your camera’s internal exposure meters.(zebras, histogram, waveform, false color, etc. )
    Set your handheld light meter to match your shutter speed.
    Make sure you have no ND filters turned on, or any filters in front of the lens that may affect exposure.
    Take a reading with your hand held meter.
    Adjust your handheld light meter’s ISO until your handheld meter agrees with your camera’s internal meter.

***Research how to read “middle grey” on the specific internal meter your camera uses…  For example: If using false color, what color is 18% grey on your specific camera system?  Each camera or monitor system may be different.)

 The ISO setting that agrees with your camera’s internal meters is your camera’s effective ISO.

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