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Alien Encounter

Laura Beth Nov 20

On Deck:  Alien Waves

It looks like my next filmmaking venture is protecting humankind in a kill-or-be-killed sci-fi adventure that takes us around the globe!

so… Let’s hear it for greenscreen!

I’m looking forward to reuniting with a great team and ending the year with some ass-kicking alien shenanigans.

DP, LB Love "Isle of the Dead" Director Nick Lyon

Director, Camera Team and Zombies on “Isle of the Dead”

The holidays are coming whether we are ready or not!  

As Thanksgiving approaches, I begin to ponder the year and consider all that I am thankful for.  2015 has been a wild ride.  I’ve barely had time off since March.

I’m very grateful to my producers and clients for the work and very grateful for my loyal, hardworking, and talented crew.

I wish for everyone to have a happy holiday season!  Here’s to a great end to 2015 and an even better 2016!

-Laura Beth

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