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That’s a Wrap on another Mattel commercial!

Thank you guys! This shoot was fantastic!  The day was a mad dash, but the footage is great and we are so pleased.  Thank you all for your hardwork!  A special thanks to our producer Alexandra Spector! We had a BLAST! I can’t give any details on the commercial really, but I can say that
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Twinkle Toes – Skechers Commercial Released!

Director Jeff Newman and I shot this commercial for Twinkle Toes – Skechers and Cabbage Patch Kids, back in December.  We shot with the Red Scarlet and Optimo DP zooms.  Click here to see a lighting diagram and read more technical details in my online portfolio.  Thanks so much to my hardworking crew!

Toy Story that Time Forgot – Commercial

The commercial started playing tonight! Click here to watch the video…

Sony F65 and Leica Summilux, at last!

This weekend, (on a day off from The Horde) I shot another Mattel spot with Director Mike Verta.  This is our third Mattel spot together (“Connect” Sweepstakes, and the much larger “Street Hawk” campaign). I can’t disclose the product just yet, but I’m very excited that I not only had my current favorite camera with
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New – Updated Cinematography Reel 2014!

New Hot Wheels Commercial

Prepping this week for our next Mattel commercial!  Looking into a few different camera movement rigs for this one…  Evaluating everything from Tricked-out Cars and Movis to Octocopters… we shall see!

Hot Wheels Shoot

Here is a frame grab from our Mattel – Hot Wheels shoot a few months ago! Director Mike Verta and I shot this national spot with the Red Epic and Arri Master Primes.  Steadicam and my favorite new slider, the Cineped, were also in attendance. 🙂 A huge thanks goes out to our crew!

That’s a wrap on Hot Wheels!

Thanks for a great shoot today everyone!!!