The Horde - LB Love Cinematography
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The Horde

The Horde

Shooting The Horde - LB Love

Vengeance is Ours!

I’ve just finished principal photography on a classic, action-filled horror starring Paul Logan, Costas Mandylor, Bill Moseley, Vernon Wells, Nestor Serrano and Matthew Willig, “The Horde.”

We are running around in the woods, setting things on fire, and beating people up.  I’ll update you when we’re all finished!The Horde - Crew photo! Laura Beth Love DP Laura Beth Love, DP handheld cam op The HordeHostess tray and Hood Mount - The Horde LB Love, DP

Run and Gun Action on Reds

I can tell you we are running two cameras, a Red Epic and Red Scarlet.  Currently, I’m rocking a set of Zeiss super speed T1.3 primes.  They were absolutely the right choice for our budget and need for speed, both in regards to lighting and hand held work.

I’m working with as many practicals as I can and as much fog as I can. haha.  but then again, that’s no surprise, as  “The Horde” has me teaming up for a third time with director Jared Cohn. (Jail Bait and Tied Down)

Here is the imdb link for The Horde!


I’m loving my cast and loving my team.  The action is serious, and it’s looking great!



Here is the official website!  

Wrap party for The Horde - Laura Beth Love


Here is the official trailer for The Horde (2016) available on VOD!