Mega Shark vs. Great Titan Kolossus!  - LB Love Cinematography
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Mega Shark vs. Great Titan Kolossus!

Mega Shark vs. Great Titan Kolossus!

1452321_350231841802954_3033322189537383518_n-1Sharks and Robots!

This Sci-Fi Action Disaster movie is absolute madness! …and it was a lot of fun to shoot.

It’s slated for US release in July 2015, here is the scoop from Dread Central.

Director Chris Ray and I chose a Red Scarlet and Zeiss Super Speed lenses to tackle this mega-monstrosity.  The movie was nearly 90% hand held (lots of action) and those lightweight lenses, coupled with the Scarlet’s lightweight build, made operating a breeze.

Operating on the USS Iowa Operating on the USS Iowa

The lenses also had the added bonus of being ideal for the underwater housing unit that we decided to throw into the mix at the end of the shoot!  The hydroflex underwater housing worked fantastically for our package!


In the Tunnels of Ft. MacArthur In the Tunnels of Ft. MacArthur

I got to revisit the USS Iowa (Asteroid vs. Earth), explore the tunnels of Ft. MacArthur, and get knocked around in the waves of El Pescador beach.  It was a constant adventure!


The Weather was Brutal.


Sharks and Robots and Jibs with LB Love DP Setting up the jib at El Pescador beach

The first few days, we suffered through a heatwave with temperatures well over 100˚F,

deep in the valley, inside a metal warehouse with giant machines boiling water (dry ice machines) next to us all day…  I must say I was impressed with the Red’s performance in the heat!  For a while there, the camera was hot enough I had to wear a glove to operate, and my AC burned his wrist on a transmitter attached to the camera.

And of course, we had about 20 – 30 people in there at the same time.  It was gross.  My crew were definitely troopers, sweating it out in the “sauna” with us all day long.   Thank you guys!

Laura Beth Love, Cinematographer A still from the set of  “Mega Shark vs. Kolossus”

The Look

There’s “a lot going on” in the movie…  multiple story lines, taking place all over

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.33.45 AM Behind the scenes on “Mega Shark vs. Kolossus”

the world, and it was important to the director that each storyline have a color that helps visually distinguish it from the others.  We were making a Mega Shark movie!

So, we could kind of go crazy with the colors and have some fun with it…  Deep Blues, Greens, Ambers, super saturated…

I hope you guys will enjoy the ride.  We sure did.  🙂


Here’s my behind-the-scenes video from the set of Mega Shark vs. Kolossus:

***Update:  The Japanese trailer has been released!

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