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Bound (2015)

Bound (2015)

 LB Love Cinematographer

Director Jared Cohn (JailBait) asked me to team up again, as his cinematographer for  “Bound (2015),” starring Charisma Carpenter, Daniel Baldwin, and Bryce Draper.  “Bound”  follows a conservative business woman as she delves into the sexy “underworld” of bondage and role play. This sexy thriller explored many different looks as we shift from home life, through corporate offices, and ultimately sex clubs and “dungeons.”

Shooting with Sexy Zooms

Jared had a sexy, stylized vision that called for slow zooms, dutch angles, and lots of slow motion sequences.  We shot with the Red Scarlet, the Ruby 14 -24mm zoom and the Angenieux 45 – 120mm.LB Love Cinematographer, Ruby

The 120mm quickly became our favorite focal length for this film.  We also made liberal use of slow motion to underscore the significance of the new world our character was exploring.  It became a style.  Even subtle aspects of her daily life are made “sexy” through her new secret love life, and are visually echoed through the frequent 60 fps sequences.

As this is ultimately a movie about self-examination, reflections became a visual theme

LB Love Cinematographer

throughout the cinematography.  Our corporate office location was mostly made of windows and glass interior walls.  In all other locations, we took advantage of mirrors whenever they were available.

Theatrical Release

We had a limited theatrical release in January 2015, see photos from the Westwood premiere here. The film is now available on Blu-ray and Dvd!  Read this announcement on Dread Central!

LB Love Cinematographer Bound

Behind The Scenes

Check out this little behind-the-scenes video from our shoot!

This is the second of three projects, to date, on which I have served as cinematographer alongside director Jared Cohn. (The Horde is the most recent)