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Cheesy Eggs and Coffee

The Atkins Diet Atkins is the fastest way that I have found to burn fat.   In the past year and half, I did three separate rounds of Atkins “induction phase,” with about three months in between each session.  I can say, honestly, that the first round was the least strict, and the final round
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We Have Evidence!

I have been keeping up with the sticky notes for 7 years…   It’s so cool to look back and see where you’ve come from.  I definitely recommend taking notes about your fitness levels before you begin your journey, and periodically as you go.   Keep taking notes even if you back track a little.
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Tough Love Fit Blog is on You Tube!

I’ve posted my first official videos on the Tough Love Fit Blog You Tube Channel!

Strip/Pole/Bootie Fitness

I love sexy fitness! Pole dancing burlesq-er-cise… or even that urge to twerk a little bit… It’s all good stuff. Read More…

Atkins Sucks, but It Works.

It sucks, unless you love burgers, cheese, eggs, and sausage. Most people do… I don’t. Nonetheless, here I stand at 127 lbs, down from 174 a year and a half ago. Read More…

Hot Barbie was Cool.

We are right to fear for the future of young girls who feel they must hold themselves to the physical standards set by Barbie. Read More…

We Get Like the People We Are With…

Yes, if you surround yourself with fat-asses, you will probably be (or stay) a fat-ass. Read More…

Stretchy Jeans, Bargaining, and the Fat Girl’s Uniform

Our mothers would talk about a fitness goal as “being trim enough to wear jeans”, now you can stretch jeans over nearly infinite amounts of fat. Just stuff that little denim sausage, tie it off, and take it out to ‘da club! Read More…

That Dove Commercial Sucked.

That Dove commercial sucked. I don’t know anyone who liked it. Do you? How about depicting women that represent various body types, all of whom are in a normal-to-athletic body fat percentage? That would inspire me. Read More…

Get the Hollywood Look!

I maintain that every single woman can look smokin’ hot with the right “hair do”, giant sunglasses and the confidence of a healthy, fit body. Men, too.