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Master Cleanse Day 1

Not So Bad! So far, so good!  The “lemonade” is tasty, the salt water flush wasn’t nearly as bad as I had heard, and my energy is rockin’!  I had one energy drop, after I took a shower and dried my hair, but this is not surprising, as that was a long period of time
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Because I’m a Man.

Social Experiments I think I’ve had enough of the so-called “social experiments” in which people, especially children, are put in front of a camera, subjected to an unnatural line of questioning to record their supposedly “honest” responses, from which we are expected to draw whatever conclusion the filmmaker set out for us to draw.  Let’s
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January 2015 – Work In Progress!

Checking In I lost almost 50 lbs last year, and this is where I am now.  It’s not easy, it’s not a perfectly straight line, but it’s SO worth it. I feel better, I can move easier, I have more energy, and I’m not living a deprived life style…  in fact the two days before
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Stomachs are the next Butt!?

No!  No no no no no!  Why ? So the perfect woman has to have big boobs, a big butt… but why doesn’t she have a big gut? Evolutionary Perspective From a strictly evolutionary perspective, breasts and hips (which we’ll say extends to “butt”) represent an of-age, fertile, healthy woman, which will naturally attract the
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The NY Cat-Call Video

I finally watched the video. It’s been in my facebook feed every day and it even comes up in REAL LIFE conversations. ha.  It would seem that “everyone” has seen, or heard of, the “NY Cat Call video.” I guess this video might be a revelation for some guys …but I’m certain that it is
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Yep. I cried.

Lunchtime Workouts on Set!

Shooting, Feeling Better, and a Storm Trooper.

Mid-Challenge Check-in!

Before and After, A 48 lb Check-In…

I’m not FINISHED, but atleast most of the fat is off!  I think this song is ridiculous, btw.