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Week 1 of P90X 3

Week 1 DOWN! I’m 6 workouts in and I’m loving P90X3 so far.  They are all challenging.  Often VERY challenging.  But they are only 30 minutes, so every time I’m feeling like letting up I only have to look at the clock and see how little time I have to keep pushing through. This week
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Tough Love Tackles P90X3 !

The Time Has Come. The time has finally come for me to try P90X! I’ve known about P90X for years, I’ve introduced friends to P90X, I’ve seen success stories first hand…  yet I’ve never fully committed to it myself. Why Now? My 60 Day Challenge is finished.  I’m stronger, but I didn’t push myself as
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60 Day Challenge Wrap Up!

60 Days Later Wow.  That was harder than I expected. A little over two months ago I set out on a #60daychallenge : 60 days. 60 workouts. Some days were harder than others, but mostly I did great until the last two weeks.  Life happened.  Life was “happening” all along, and it was a real
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60-Day Challenge!

Step it up! Ok Tough Lovers! It’s time to step it up! We’ve done a 14-day, and two month-long challenges so far… Who’s coming with me for the next 60 days?! It doesn’t have to be crazy, and our fit challenges don’t have to look the same… make it work for you! The goal is
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Am I Afraid to Lose Weight?

I’ve wanted this.  I want this.  I’m ON this.  It’s working. … but am I still, maybe, afraid? It’s officially been one year since I was able to celebrate losing 50 lbs.  and what gains have I made in this year? In June 2014, I got down to about 127 lbs and I shifted my
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Bulgaria, the Land of Sudden Weight Gain and …Allergies?

Wow.  My Fitlife in Bulgaria Did Not Go as Planned. The job went great!  I met some fantastic people, and I’m looking forward to going back!  … but…  I’ve got to get a handle on how to deal with “my health” in Bulgaria. I set out with a vision: lots of alone time in my
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Hotel Breakfast!

A hearty, Bulgarian hotel breakfast! Man,  real eggs,  tomatoes,  cucumber,  for breakfast every day?  This is gonna work out! I have to say, I’ve been quite worried about what my diet would be while in Bulgaria for 6 weeks. So far,  the basics are fantastic! And comfort foods abound for my cheat meals.   I’m committed!
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Thigh Gap

(above photo is from the JustBoobs comedy sketch “Thigh Gap Jeans”) The Gap Boobs, Butt, Cellulite, Tummy, Posture, Hair, Eyebrows, I get it. Worry over thighs touching?   I guess I get that, a little?  But Thigh Gap Obsession?  I don’t get it. This must have been born from the fashion industry’s shift to prepubescent girls/ultra
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Feb Fit Challenge Wrap-Up!

Day 10 of My Feb Fit Challenge!

The Best Part of Day 10? It means I’ve had 10 workouts this month.  Woo hoo!  Feb Fit Challenge! However, I need to step it up for the next 10.  This past week of work really made this challenge a challenge for me.  I have a few too many half-hour pilates workouts…  and I’ve got
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