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New Thriller-Drama Feature!

And, surprise, looks like I’ve got a Thriller-Drama feature coming up!  No wolves, zombies, mutants or sharks in this one, so it will be an adventure!  It’s been over a year since I shot a “straight drama” with regular humans.  I’m looking forward to it! And, it’s looking like my new pal the “Red Dragon
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Female Cinematographers Make It Look Good.

With the recent rash of “Movie Set Memes” flooding my facebook page, I suddenly felt inspired to make a cinematography meme.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Behind the Scenes on Minutes to Midnight!

Click to watch my Behind-The-Scenes Video! “Minutes to Midnight” is a horror feature, produced by Tiki Terrors and DeInstitutionalized. Directed by Chris Olen Ray. M2M stars William Baldwin, Bill Moseley, Richard Grieco, Dominique Swain, Viva Bianca, and Christopher Judge.

Research! (and Vacation)!

I’m very excited for my first scheduled vacation in years, next week! Even though it has meant turning down 4 features.  Literally.  But, this is why it’s been years.  🙂  Such is the freelance life.  Schedule a vacay and you will book a job. :/ BUT, I’m excited to be researching the NEXT gig, which
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Sharknado 3 Premieres!

 Sharks! Last night I attended the West Coast premiere party for Sharknado 3.  I immediately regretted not wearing a shark dress. Congratulations to everyone who worked on this crazy movie!  For most of the crew, this was an exciting adventure and a step up (creatively and financially) from smaller projects with Asylum. My involvement in
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That’s a wrap on Little Dead Rotting Hood!

We’re Done with Little Dead! Man, I love shooting scifi, fantasy stuff.  There are things I love about all genres, but I really have fun with shoots like this. This was my 4th project with Director Jared Cohn.  We had real wolves, dog attacks, lots of night exteriors…  shooting for 12 days with 2 Red
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Shooting Little Dead Rotting Hood

Zombie Wolf Attack Fun! This has really been a fun show.  Wolves. Capes. Swords. Night Exteriors. Puppets.  …even a man in a wolf suit (which I swear is 90% for our personal entertainment on set). We’ve been shooting for two weeks now, with dueling Red Dragons.  “A Cam” is a Red Epic Dragon, and “B
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That’s a Wrap on Red Dead, Day 1!

  We are off to a great start! Jared Cohn  and I are teaming up for our 4th collaboration.  “Red Dead” (Little Dead Rotting Hood) is an exciting fantasy/horror to shoot! We are running two cameras, a Red Epic Dragon and Red Scarlet Dragon, shooting in 5k, with Optimo Dp Zooms. Our g&e and camera
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Night Exterior Animal Action Research :)

Excited for my next (and possibly NEXT next) creature feature! Subscribe to this blog for email updates! See All Filmmaking Resource Articles from! Copyright © Laura Beth Love and, 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and
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Little Dead Rotting Hood is officially in prep!

Director Jared Cohn (JailBait, Bound, The Horde) and I are teaming up for our 4th production, “Little Dead Rotting Hood.” I’ve been hearing about this one for over a year, excited to finally get started on this horror-fantasy, wolf-action! Prepping Today. #creepy #littledeadrottinghood A photo posted by Laura Beth Love (@thelaurabethlove) on Jun 15, 2015
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