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How to Build Your No-Budget Lighting Package

As NAB is around the corner again this year and we all get excited about the premiere of new gear, I am reminded about the simplest gear… Sometimes we can’t afford to have all of the nice stuff we want. Sometimes, we can’t afford to have ANY of the gear that we need.  How to Work
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Next comedy feature announced: Bachelor Night

It’s official!  I’m shooting “Bachelor Night” in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks! I’ll be choosing my “low budget go-to” Red Scarlet with Optimo DP zooms camera package, but the lighting package might be a little different this time.  Lots of time on the Vegas Strip will mean packing light, and planning differently. Check
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Shooting Zombies with Laura Beth Love!

We shot “Zombie Stoners” with the Red Epic and Red Scarlet, for more info and technical details on this feature Click Here to view my portfolio!

More Rear Projection! BTS video for Ola – Maybe, Music Video

We had to keep a tight lid on the shoot until it was released, but now the video is out, and I’ve finally had a chance to edit together my “bts” videos! See what was achieved practically, versus what was achieved/sweetened in post-production, in this little behind-the-scenes video!

Jail Bait: 17 & Life

Back in September, I shot the feature-length prison drama “Jail Bait: 17 & Life”.  I have finally had a chance to put together the unofficial “LB Love BTS video” for the shoot.  Here it is !

Asteroid vs. Earth is wrapped!

Director Chris Olen Ray and I set about creating three distinct looks to underscore the drama unfolding though the sci-fi disaster movie, “T-Minus”.   Shooting on the Red One MX and Red Epic, with Zeiss Super Speed primes, we survived explosions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and some very tight spaces. 🙂 For more details on the shoot,
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Lighting a “make-shift green screen studio” for Love Fever

Shooting the “Love Fever” music video presented an unexpected challenge.

Lighting Challenges on “Mother’s Cure”

For the apocalyptic drama, “Mother’s Cure”, we had a small package that would have been perfect… and then things changed 🙂 But we still made it work!

Projected Reality on “Tableau Vivant”

I’ve just wrapped principal photography on Tableau Vivant, an intelligent, indie horror feature. We created several very stylized, and self-aware, looks in the movie. For one scene in particular, the characters are making the long drive to a remote cabin and the entire drive takes place against the very surreal backdrop (literally) of a video
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Shooting with the Leica Noctilux on “Tableau Vivant”

The Leica Noctilux 50 mm F/.95 lens was a fantastic solution for us. It gave me the flexibility to open a bit more when I wanted to, in order to get a little more information in the darkest parts of the image. CLICK to watch the VIDEO…