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Experimenting in 3D

Shooting Kalina confirmed something for me that I had come to realize about two years ago. While 3D is not necessarily my favorite way to experience entertainment, I truly appreciate and enjoy the additional processes and technical consideration necessary to shoot 3D. It’s limiting in many ways, but once you accept the parameters (and assuming
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Red Digital Cinema Cameras: Epic, Scarlet, and One

Red has been a polarizing addition to the production world since their introduction in 2006… At the end of the day, Red Epic is good enough for Peter Jackson and cheap enough for the average Joe on craigslist making his first movie. That, in itself, is amazing.

Return to Love Canal -Er, I mean, Pink 5!

This weekend we wrapped the epic Star Wars fan film Return of Pink 5, again! We’ve wrapped this show so many times before… of course, it always feels like the first time 🙂 ha.

NAB 2012 – Black Magic Cinema

I was able to make a brief appearance at NAB this year. Just enough time to check out a few key items of interest.  Among them, I definitely had to make time for the Black Magic Cinema camera that everyone is buzzing about.  With the ability for 2.5K uncompressed RAW 12-bit capture (in addition to
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Presumptuous Obit. for the P+S Technik Mini35 Adapter

It is an exciting time for camera tech geeks. I look back on the P+S Technik and see it as a sort of silly band-aid on a problem that was solved 5 – 8 years later. Of course, 5-8 years is along time. And there are a lot of cameras purchased during that time which still benefit from the adapter.

Count the Rice (and Sleep on Ice)

“Rice Counter, Ice Sleeper” was a 35mm short project that I shot with Producer/Director J. Wesley Bassard, in 2004.  It was a small, independent project, but we managed to do quite a lot. Part of our visual concept was for it to “feel dark” but still be able to see everything.  It was stylized more
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NAB 2011 and the 800hz Refresh Monitor?

This year was all about DSLRs, the Alexa and Hertz, Hertz, Hertz!
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Reducation 2010 Part 3: Focus on 3D

The final day was dedicated to 3D Workflows, featuring the Element Technica Quasar rig.
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Reducation 2010

(I am a nerd.) This past December, I attended Reducation at Red Studios in Hollywood.  This was a 5-day immersion in the “Red Revolution”.  The first two days were primarily hands-on/practical testing of the Red ONE MX bodies.  Having worked with these cameras so much for the past 6 months, there was little new information
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Reducation 2010 Part 2: Post/DIT Workflows

The next two days focused on DIT workflow solutions and more glorious 4k presentations.
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