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Lighting a “make-shift green screen studio” for Love Fever

Shooting the “Love Fever” music video presented an unexpected challenge.

Lighting Challenges on “Mother’s Cure”

For the apocalyptic drama, “Mother’s Cure”, we had a small package that would have been perfect… and then things changed 🙂 But we still made it work!

Mother’s Cure

“Mother’s Cure” is an intense “family” drama set in an apocalyptic future, shot on the Black Magic Cinema Camera with Zeiss Compact Primes. For us, apocalyptic times meant mixed color temperatures, overcast day with a golden, low hanging sun peeking out, flares, low contrast (achieved through fog and veiling glare) for the day, and a harsh
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Black Magic, field testing in progress…

This week on “Mother’s Cure”, we shot with the Black Magic Cinema Camera, this time pairing the rig with the same set of Zeiss compact primes that I have shot many of my Red Epic projects this year. There was an immediate gain in sharpness.  The Zeiss compact primes were a huge leap forward in quality,
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Prepping for Lizzie

Prepping this week for “All About Lizzie”, an indie sex comedy. As a bonus, when I dropped by the rental house today, they had received the first 10 Mole-Richardson 100w Tweenie LED fresnel daylight units off the production line!  I immediately changed my order and I’m looking forward to testing these guys out! It’s the
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Choosing your Shooting Stop

Keeping a Consistent Film Stock

Projected Reality on “Tableau Vivant”

I’ve just wrapped principal photography on Tableau Vivant, an intelligent, indie horror feature. We created several very stylized, and self-aware, looks in the movie. For one scene in particular, the characters are making the long drive to a remote cabin and the entire drive takes place against the very surreal backdrop (literally) of a video
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Laura Beth Love at NAB 2013

I’m still shooting the “Tableau Vivant” feature, but I had a little time this week to make it out to Vegas for NAB.

Shooting with the Leica Noctilux on “Tableau Vivant”

The Leica Noctilux 50 mm F/.95 lens was a fantastic solution for us. It gave me the flexibility to open a bit more when I wanted to, in order to get a little more information in the darkest parts of the image. CLICK to watch the VIDEO…