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Flying with an Octocopter

Leading up to the shoot, I was both excited and concerned about the octocopter. Read More… features Laura Beth Love, DP

Back in 2009,  I was interviewed for the comprehensive online film course “”.  It was an intense five-hour interview on cinematography, discussing lighting, cameras, composition, technique, aesthetic, you name it… One hundred professionals were interviewed for the Film Skills tutorial series, I am one of twelve that interviewed specifically for the Cinematography Modules.  Film
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New Hot Wheels Commercial

Prepping this week for our next Mattel commercial!  Looking into a few different camera movement rigs for this one…  Evaluating everything from Tricked-out Cars and Movis to Octocopters… we shall see!

Two-Minute Lighting Tutorial

Lighting is an incredibly complex field, and to be a gaffer or cinematographer is to commit to a life long journey in the study of lighting.  At the same time, we can get real about some basic principles that you can immediately put to work to improve your projects, right now!

How to Prepare for Your Shoot – Cinematography Basics

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Shooting Zombies with Laura Beth Love!

We shot “Zombie Stoners” with the Red Epic and Red Scarlet, for more info and technical details on this feature Click Here to view my portfolio!

Online Tutorials for Film Composers w/ Mike Verta

My good friend and long-time collaborator, Mike Verta, has been sharing his unique skills and insight in a series of online master classes! The reviews have been insane, and there is no question that $30 is a bargain for 4 hours of picking Mike’s brain. I’m hoping to get him doing a few VFX master
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Asteroid vs. Earth is wrapped!

Director Chris Olen Ray and I set about creating three distinct looks to underscore the drama unfolding though the sci-fi disaster movie, “T-Minus”.   Shooting on the Red One MX and Red Epic, with Zeiss Super Speed primes, we survived explosions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and some very tight spaces. 🙂 For more details on the shoot,
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Happy Halloween! Our Rosemary’s Baby commentary is online!

Last week I  joined “the boys” at for their first scary movie of the Halloween season: Roman Polanski’s horrifying thriller Rosemary’s Baby. Give a listen here! Rosemary’s Baby commentary  

Friends In Your Head Commentary: Rosemary’s Baby

Last week I was invited to join “the boys” at for their first scary movie of the Halloween season: Roman Polanski’s horrifying thriller Rosemary’s Baby. Rosemary’s Baby was shot by the late cinematographer William A. Fraker ASC, BSC.  It is a classic that I often find myself referencing for “vibe” and “tension”. We recorded the commentary track
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