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Category: Episodic

Shooting New Pilot – Thunderland

Excited to be shooting  the “Thunderland” pilot this week, with Director Mike Lazar! We are shooting all over LA, on a Red Scarlet package with Leica-R primes. I’m also really enjoying our “lean and mean” crew and gear package!  Restrictions can be good for creativity. More to come! View more “Behind the Scenes” from LBLove
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Cinematography Reel 2015

This is a montage of cinematography by Laura Beth Love;  it features cinematography using Red, Arri, Sony, Canon, and Panasonic cameras.  View Laura Beth’s Online Portfolio here.

New – Updated Cinematography Reel 2014!

All About Lizzie Promo!

This is still a work in progress, but I think it’s a great draft!

Black Magic, field testing in progress…

This week on “Mother’s Cure”, we shot with the Black Magic Cinema Camera, this time pairing the rig with the same set of Zeiss compact primes that I have shot many of my Red Epic projects this year. There was an immediate gain in sharpness.  The Zeiss compact primes were a huge leap forward in quality,
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All About Lizzie pilot – Thanks to my crew!

This is a little behind the scenes video for the All About Lizzie pilot. This was our “girls vs. boys” steadicam football game day!  

VFX Greenscreen Test

Last week I had a day of testing for a sci-fi drama, here’s the video!

Prepping for Lizzie

Prepping this week for “All About Lizzie”, an indie sex comedy. As a bonus, when I dropped by the rental house today, they had received the first 10 Mole-Richardson 100w Tweenie LED fresnel daylight units off the production line!  I immediately changed my order and I’m looking forward to testing these guys out! It’s the
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Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

Working with fire in 105 degree heat…  we have wrapped another successful shoot for “Prepare TV” with the American Red Cross! Thanks again to our hard working crew and the Red Cross volunteers! While we are waiting for “Fire”  check out the Zombie Apocalypse episode:

Return to Love Canal -Er, I mean, Pink 5!

This weekend we wrapped the epic Star Wars fan film Return of Pink 5, again! We’ve wrapped this show so many times before… of course, it always feels like the first time 🙂 ha.