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New – Updated Cinematography Reel 2014!

White Girl Problems – Video has posted!

The WGP – White Girl Problems “No Food” Music video has posted! Click to watch!  Or go the the WGP entry in my portfolio!

Love Fever! Music Video

Love Fever is a fun and light-hearted video for Elyse Haren of “Elyse and the Aftermath”.   We shot one practical location and two additional “looks” in front of a greenscreen, using the Black Magic Cinema camera with Rokinon primes (24mm, 35mm, and 85mm).  The Tokina 11-16 zoom also saved the day a time or
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Battling the Ballad with Di Lee

Just wrapped musical artist Di Lee’s “Battle Ballad” music video.  We shot with the Canon 5D Mark II, using the Technicolor Cinestyle profile, and Zeiss Compact Primes.

Shooting with the Leica Noctilux on “Tableau Vivant”

The Leica Noctilux 50 mm F/.95 lens was a fantastic solution for us. It gave me the flexibility to open a bit more when I wanted to, in order to get a little more information in the darkest parts of the image. CLICK to watch the VIDEO…

The “Bobby” Pilot

Directed by Shahrooz Nateghi and Produced by (and starring) Yakira Chambers, “Bobby” is a sassy, no-nonsense woman charged with saving a hopeless school football team. We shot this pilot with the Canon 7D DSLR and Canon L-Series Primes.  

Precaucion! PSA for the LA County Bicycle Coalition

Jordan wanted a contemporary, warm, stylized, “hot California day” feel… We primarily stayed on the 7D, switching to the 5D only when I needed a little wider field of view to achieve an overhead shot.
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Canon EOS Workshop

Having a camera which looks “that good” and is “that small” in the hands of a professional artist it, is revolutionary and exciting (despite all of the “DSLR drawbacks”) Click to read more…