K5600 Lighting Demo - LB Love Cinematography
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K5600 Lighting Demo

K5600 Lighting Demo

2015-05-17 15.43.41

K5600 at Nu Boyana

I’m very excited to have attended the K5600 presentation and lighting demo today at Nu Boyana Film Studios!

Our gaffer, Strahil Predov, and producer Dimo Aleksandrov, arranged a special visit from the French/US company on our day off from the shoot.

Jokers, Alphas, and Versatility

Marc Galerne, CEO K5600, brought a host of K5600 units ranging from 200w to 9k.  We also had a few kino, litepanel, and arri units for students to see comparisons.

LB Love DP K5600 9k Nu Boyana

I’ve always loved joker bugs, but I’m very glad to have seen a demo comparing the Alphas with the Jokers.  The Joker kits are already so versatile (softubes, “jo-leiko,” lanterns, light banks, big eye, etc.),  and now as the tungsten balanced bulbs are starting to roll out, they will be an even more so!

Of course, the UV block bulb makes this line a responsible choice as well as adding to the line’s versatility.

(*Remember not to use an HMI without a lens, unless it has a “UV block” !  You’ll get a sunburn, and you can do real damage to your eyes!)

We are also very excited that Nu Boyana has purchased a 6/9k Alpha, which we plan to put into use on our set tomorrow!