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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Hotel Breakfast!

A hearty, Bulgarian hotel breakfast! Man,  real eggs,  tomatoes,  cucumber,  for breakfast every day?  This is gonna work out! I have to say, I’ve been quite worried about what my diet would be while in Bulgaria for 6 weeks. So far,  the basics are fantastic! And comfort foods abound for my cheat meals.   I’m committed!
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B Movie Nation Interview with Laura Beth Love

Thanks to Keith Makenas and B Movie Nation for this article!  And thank you to Gabriel Campisi, Jared Cohn, and Chris Olen Ray for your kind words!  Love you all! I this interview, we talk filmmaking, fitness, Mega Shark and wearing multiple hats! Click here! 5 Quick Questions with Laura Beth Love

Congratulations Tabloid Vivant! Audience Award!

Congratulations to Kyle, Alex, and our entire crew!   Your hard work made this film possible! We received the Feature Film Audience Award, following our world premiere at the Cinema at the Edge Film Festival in Santa Monica!   “Tabloid Vivant” was one of my favorite filmmaking experiences to date.  Kyle was a fantastic creative
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Day 1 at Nu Boyana!

Making The Movie Friday was Day 1 of the “Making the Movie” feature film program at Nu Boyana Film School.  I’ve joined this new film education program to take 40 students on a 6 week adventure…  shooting a feature film at the Nu Boyana Film Studio. Beautiful, talented&unique! Making the movie class! Let the show
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Mega Shark vs. Great Titan ! (Kolossus) Trailer

The trailer for Mega Shark vs. Kolossus  has been released!  The film is released in Japan (as Mega Shark vs. Great Titan) and will be released in the US this July!  Enjoy!

Thigh Gap

(above photo is from the JustBoobs comedy sketch “Thigh Gap Jeans”) The Gap Boobs, Butt, Cellulite, Tummy, Posture, Hair, Eyebrows, I get it. Worry over thighs touching?   I guess I get that, a little?  But Thigh Gap Obsession?  I don’t get it. This must have been born from the fashion industry’s shift to prepubescent girls/ultra
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That’s a Wrap on Minutes to Midnight

This was an exciting shoot!  Thank you so much to our cast and crew! Click here for more details as they are released. Here is the first press release for “Minutes to Midnight”: http://www.thewrap.com/william-baldwin-bill-moseley-richard-grieco-to-star-in-horror-movie-minutes-to-midnight/

Feb Fit Challenge Wrap-Up!

Tickets Booked! Bulgaria Bound…

It’s official, tickets booked…  April 15th I leave for a 6 week adventure with Ambika Leigh at Nu Boyana Studios.  Wish us luck!

Day 10 Down! #m2m

That’s a wrap on day 10 of “Minutes to Midnight” !  Thank you, AGAIN, to our fantastic cast and crew! #m2m #deinstitutionalized