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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Apparently, I am my own position.

Apparently, I am my own “position.” Lol. The “adults’ ” ice chest while shooting “Minutes to Midnight” in the woods last week. “LB” > “DP”  haha. (Seriously, I have no idea who wrote this on the cooler, but they put some Coke Zeros in there for me. Thank You!)  #m2m #deinstitutionalized

Tabloid Vivant, Art-Horror-Thriller, Trailer Released!

Trailer Release and Premiere! “Tabloid Vivant” trailer has been released, and is set to premiere at the Cinema at the Edge Film Festival in Santa Monica on April 12th!  Tech Specs, Production Stills, and Tales from the Set Read more about the production in my “Tabloid Vivant” online portfolio.  And look at a lighting diagram
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Wrap on Day 4! Minutes to Midnight

Ext. Woods – Night  “Minutes to Midnight”   Shooting splits in the woods!  …and I do love a good high-powered fogger.  🙂 Great team, great cast, glad to be a part of this one.  Thanks Tiki Terrors!  #m2m #deinstitutionalized SO many great pictures to share…  waiting for permissions…

Shooting Minutes to Midnight! #m2m

We’ve begun principal photography on the indie horror feature “Minutes to Midnight” !  Week 1, we are on location in “the woods.” Follow me on instagram and twitter for official updates and photos! Also follow @tikiterrors !

The Horror! Prepping a New Feature

Excited to be in my final week of prep for “Minutes to Midnight,” a new horror feature with director Chris Olen Ray.  Ready for lots of handheld operating.  🙂 More details as we go!  Will it be Red, again? Considering branching out…  TBD

Making the Movie – Nu Boyana Film School

Very excited to be a part of the first year of film education at Nu Boyana! More details to come from this new film school in Bulgaria, very soon!  

Michele Bachmann Filming Sharknado 3

Here’s a link to an article from my recent trip to D.C.   It was an extraordinary experience to be shooting in Washington D.C. with some of my closest colleagues. Michele Bachmann was a pleasure to work with!  She even recorded a birthday wish for my grandmother, haha. (Happy 90th, Mimi!) We were a
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5 Tips for Lighting Faces

Let’s Face It When we think of iconic cinematography, we most likely think of textured, “graphic” imagery…  shapes, quality of light, a striking composition… actual people may or may not even be present in the shots! Thus, it’s sometimes easy to focus on the “big picture” lighting and overlook the importance of the tiny details.
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