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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Master Cleanse Day 8

Better Today, was better.  I’m still hungry, but about half as bad as it was yesterday.  The scale keeps slipping down a bit; it was 127 this morning.  I’m certainly enjoying my new silhouette. Distractions Helped I’ve been busy all week, but mostly working from home (extremely convenient on this cleanse).  However, today I had
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Master Cleanse Day 7

Man. Today was the worst.  No idea why.  Hunger was intense. Cravings were specific. Energy was low. It didn’t get under control until the end of the day, and yet the hunger is still intense. What’s Different? Possible explanations:  Last night I didn’t drink my last glass of lemonade (Day 6) because I was too
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Depth of Field – Made Simple

What is Depth of Field?   Depth of Field is a calculated, range of distance, wherein objects will appear to be in acceptable focus. Basically, it tells you how much stuff in front of your camera will be in focus at one time.  If an entire football field is in focus, you would say that
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Master Cleanse Day 6

Again with the Morning Energy I woke up with lots of energy again this morning, even though I was still a little shy on sleep.  In fact, I had enough energy that I decided to record myself prepping my morning Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush and Lemonade: Anything New? Today was the easiest day so
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Master Cleanse Day 5

A Different Day I woke up this morning feeling like I was on a sugar high.  I was a little shy on sleep, but I couldn’t stay in bed.  I’ve had bouts of hunger, but on the whole I’m not thinking about food, I’m more focused on my work, and I have more energy. It’s
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5 Tips for Better Focus!

Focus Up Keeping sharp focus can be pretty tricky, but it’s absolutely essential for a professional video or film project.  Most indie filmmakers now have access to cameras with large (APS-C, 35mm or full-frame 35mm) sensors, which can have very shallow depth of field.  The shallow-depth-of-field look has been much sought-after in indie projects, as
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Master Cleanse Day 4

Eh. (w/ Moments of Happy) Today has been fine.  I suppose it’s been better than the past two days.  No unicorns yet, but I did have a couple of hours where I felt a little “extra good.” ha. Details? I didn’t do the salt water flush in the morning.  I was planning to skip the
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I’m Doing The Master Cleanse! Yikes?

I lost almost 50 lbs last year, and this is my first step toward improved health goals in 2015: a Ten Day Cleanse!! I’ve decided to give The Master Cleanse a “go,” after hearing the positive benefits one of my best friends experienced. For years I wrote off The Master Cleanse as a silly fad
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Master Cleanse Day 3

Way Better Yesterday was awful, but today: not so bad.  I’ve been less hungry, overall.   The first half of the day was better than the second half.  I had a pre-emptive tiny half teaspoon of syrup late morning, and that may well have been the adjustment that made a difference. Tonight, I’m hungry and
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Master Cleanse Day 2

This was not an awesome day on The Master Cleanse. Hungry. I’ve been hungry, not experiencing “cravings,” but very real hunger, all day long.  The lemonade would distract me, but it never got rid of the feeling.  I just went back and forth between hunger pangs, and that uncomfortable place you go when you were
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