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Hydroflex on Mega Shark 4

Laura Beth Sep 27

Tossed at Sea

1452321_350231841802954_3033322189537383518_n-1We braved some pretty rough waves shooting scenes from the sci-fi action movie, Mega Shark vs. Kolossus.  

We used the Hydroflex Epic Deep Water Housing for our Red Scarlet with Zeiss Super Speed Mark II Primes.

It needed to be a quick shoot, and given that the rough waves and strong undertow would already provided challenges for both the crew and the actors, I wanted to ensure our best chance for success from the get go… a wide lens, stopped down to  give as much depth of field as possible.  However, we were outside, in full sun, so  stopping down to a T11 or T16 was not a problem.

Camera Settings

Even though the Red can “increase it’s ISO to 250”, it doesn’t REALLY decrease the sensitivity of the sensor, so I kept the ISO at 640.   And even though I wanted to stop down (to achieve deep DOF) I still needed to tape an ND .6 inside the Hydroflex housing to make sure I had no clipping.  We shot at a T11 on a 25mm lens.

The rig, with camera, weighed between 30 and 40 lbs.  My camera operator, Joseph Hendrickson, did a great job, standing strong against the waves.

Our redmote even worked!  It was predictably finicky at the start of the day, but eventually the redmote connected and enabled us to adjust settings and cue playback without having to remove the camera from the housing.

Simple to Use

The last time I used a hydroflex rig, I remember the rig itself being more temperamental and delicate…  I remember it being a “hassle” and “nerve wracking” to go in and out of the rig. (This was about 7 years ago)  My experience this time was 100% positive.  The rig was simple, effective, and didn’t slow us down at all.

Thank you to my crew!  And thank you to director Chris Ray for giving us the opportunity to play!10365731_350231735136298_570698477566620198_n


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