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Monthly Archives: May 2014

What Happens in Vegas…

I learned a lesson on this shoot. One I’ll not soon forget. We shot “Bachelor Night” with the Red Scarlet and Optimo DP Zooms. Read More…

Vegas Baby! Behind the Scenes with Bachelor Night

Flying with an Octocopter

Leading up to the shoot, I was both excited and concerned about the octocopter. Read More…

Strip/Pole/Bootie Fitness

I love sexy fitness! Pole dancing burlesq-er-cise… or even that urge to twerk a little bit… It’s all good stuff. Read More…

Atkins Sucks, but It Works.

It sucks, unless you love burgers, cheese, eggs, and sausage. Most people do… I don’t. Nonetheless, here I stand at 127 lbs, down from 174 a year and a half ago. Read More…

Hot Barbie was Cool.

We are right to fear for the future of young girls who feel they must hold themselves to the physical standards set by Barbie. Read More…

We Get Like the People We Are With…

Yes, if you surround yourself with fat-asses, you will probably be (or stay) a fat-ass. Read More…

Fantastic day guys!

I’m sending our a huge thanks to my crew for the Mattel commercial today!   It’s looking great!  Can’t reveal the product just yet… Looking forward to tomorrow! features Laura Beth Love, DP

Back in 2009,  I was interviewed for the comprehensive online film course “”.  It was an intense five-hour interview on cinematography, discussing lighting, cameras, composition, technique, aesthetic, you name it… One hundred professionals were interviewed for the Film Skills tutorial series, I am one of twelve that interviewed specifically for the Cinematography Modules.  Film
read more

New Hot Wheels Commercial

Prepping this week for our next Mattel commercial!  Looking into a few different camera movement rigs for this one…  Evaluating everything from Tricked-out Cars and Movis to Octocopters… we shall see!