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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Hot Wheels Shoot

Here is a frame grab from our Mattel – Hot Wheels shoot a few months ago! Director Mike Verta and I shot this national spot with the Red Epic and Arri Master Primes.  Steadicam and my favorite new slider, the Cineped, were also in attendance. 🙂 A huge thanks goes out to our crew!

Stretchy Jeans, Bargaining, and the Fat Girl’s Uniform

Our mothers would talk about a fitness goal as “being trim enough to wear jeans”, now you can stretch jeans over nearly infinite amounts of fat. Just stuff that little denim sausage, tie it off, and take it out to ‘da club! Read More…

That Dove Commercial Sucked.

That Dove commercial sucked. I don’t know anyone who liked it. Do you? How about depicting women that represent various body types, all of whom are in a normal-to-athletic body fat percentage? That would inspire me. Read More…

Get the Hollywood Look!

I maintain that every single woman can look smokin’ hot with the right “hair do”, giant sunglasses and the confidence of a healthy, fit body. Men, too.


I wear make-up almost everyday. I wear it for me.  Even if I wear it in public, I’m still wearing it for me.  I get the same “you should like me the way that I am” messages as anyone else, from society and the media… but here’s how the cycle went: “Society” tells me to
read more

Two-Minute Lighting Tutorial

Lighting is an incredibly complex field, and to be a gaffer or cinematographer is to commit to a life long journey in the study of lighting.  At the same time, we can get real about some basic principles that you can immediately put to work to improve your projects, right now!

Fat is Whack!

This is my tongue-in-cheek, Whitney-Houston-inspired mantra. It also dove-tails nicely as an acknowledgement of the ways in which food can be an addiction. For me, sugar is the addiction. Read More…

Thinks She’s Fat?

Well, she might be. We really can’t say, can we? Read More…

White Girl Problems – Video has posted!

The WGP – White Girl Problems “No Food” Music video has posted! Click to watch!  Or go the the WGP entry in my portfolio!

Shooting today in Malibu

With my favorite gorgeous girl. This week, it’s a documentary shoot.  Three cameras, all of them on various sliders.