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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Jail Bait: 17 & Life

Back in September, I shot the feature-length prison drama “Jail Bait: 17 & Life”.  I have finally had a chance to put together the unofficial “LB Love BTS video” for the shoot.  Here it is !

Online Tutorials for Film Composers w/ Mike Verta

My good friend and long-time collaborator, Mike Verta, has been sharing his unique skills and insight in a series of online master classes! The reviews have been insane, and there is no question that $30 is a bargain for 4 hours of picking Mike’s brain. I’m hoping to get him doing a few VFX master
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That’s a wrap on Hot Wheels!

Thanks for a great shoot today everyone!!!

Hot Wheels – Mattel Commercial

This week I’m prepping for a national commercial for Mattel.  We’ve chosen the Red Epic and Arri Master primes.  More details to come!

Shooting “The Audition”

This past week I teamed up with Director Ambika Leigh to shoot “The Audition”, starring Leilani Wyatt and Brian Gaskill. The film is a sort of intimate, winding, poem and thus the camera is constantly moving under the careful composition of steadicam operator Ari Robbins.  We shot with the Red Scarlet and Zeiss T1.3 Superspeed
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