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Reducation 2010 Part 3: Focus on 3D

Laura Beth Jan 22

The final day was dedicated to 3D Workflows, featuring the Element Technica Quasar rig.  I very much enjoyed Mark Pederson’s (CEO/Co-founder of OffHollywood) technical and theoretical presentations on this day.

The ET rig was a solid, impressive, over-under configuration.  There was a basic lecture reviewing the concepts of manipulating depth cues,  interoccular distances, convergence, etc.  Beyond the technical discussion, however, two philosophies were impressed upon us today:

1.  It is better to have a DP who understands 3D, and have no Stereographer, than to rely on a great Stereographer paired with a DP who has no 3D understanding.

They said it, not me.  Of course, this has to be true.  At the end of the day, the Cinematographer is so much more than a technician; and yet you cannot divorce his/her storytelling and artistic contributions from their technical understanding of the medium.  Therefore, of course the above statement would hold true.

2.  Beware of Experts

This holds true in everything, particular in this time of  “digital revolution”.  In this context, the presenters were pointing to 3D as an old concept with new technology.  To date, there can be no experts in the CURRENT approach to 3D and the demands made by the CURRENT market.

However, beyond 3D, I am always wary of an expert.  Lately, I seem to be running into a lot of experts who are only experts by proxy.  Everything they know how to do is something someone else told them or showed them, but they can’t necessarily tell you why they do it, let alone the science behind their decisions.

In total, this was a fun day.  I’m still dubious of the yet to be determined, long-term physiological implications of 3D, but I could utterly lose myself in the technical and mathematical candyland that is shooting for 3D.  🙂





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